Win10 Dark Theme for SGP

64 bit here as well. I downloaded theme file, copied it’s content to another a new theme file via notepad, saved it as a. theme file but get an error trying to open it. I must be doing something wrong. The example looks great.

the formatting of the above cut and paste looks different, maybe that’s an issue? I’ll see if I can unload the file instead.

Maybe this will work…

MyDarkTheme.txt (7.4 KB)

Awesome, it works Eric. Thank you and Shane very much for doing this. This will be a tremendous help to me.


Glad you got it working!

Hi Eric, Shane

I just wanted drop you a line. I used your Dark Theme for the first time last night and I was very very pleased with how it looked. I’ve been so accustom to how SGP looked over the years it took a few minutes to adjust to the new colors. Nice work and thanks for helping out the community.

Kind Regards,

Hi Ken,
Any progress with this? I know it’s really low priority, but it would be nice.
Thanks - Shane


In the next beta, those title bars will inherit color from “SystemColors”->“ControlDarkDark”

This is how I would like to see it.

I noticed YouTube has a Dark Theme scene now. I believe all it is doing is changing black to white and white to black.
Windows Explorer, has the black background as well replacing the original white. Works well.

Kor - many thanks for doing the donkey-work on this. It is an easy matter to tweak the settings. PHD2 seems mostly unaffected by themes.

No problem! And thanks, Ken, for changing the module title bar.

  • Shane

Hi Shane,
Thanks so much for the theme setup. I love it!!! Just set it up on my PrimaLuce Lab Eagle 3S running Win10 Enterprise. It took a little bit to find the theme files as they have the AppData folder hidden. Once I unhid it it was a breeze to get working.

Great Job and Thanks Again


Bob, I’m glad it works for you! - Shane

I tweaked Kor’s theme to use Amber for text and other object colors to make SGP and other applications readable on a crappy Lenovo Thinkpad 11e LCD display when in the field. Amber is supposed to impact night vision as much as red. I will field test next week. For Windows 10.

Mark W.
MyDarkTheme092419.theme.txt (7.3 KB)

Thanks Mark,

The amber is more easily readable.



SGPro 3.1 uses new message boxes (the windows that either inform you of some state change or ask you yes / no questions). If there is desire to theme these… the message box background is “ControlDark” and the text is “WindowText”.

Thanks Ken, I’ll install the latest tonight and see what it looks like!

  • Shane

You won’t see any change unless the version is >

Cool! One less chore I have to do tonight! Headed out to the observatory …

Any interest on your part to add some themes to SGP primarily so we can just toggle whichever we like? Not sure I want my entire windows machine to change to make SGP change colors.

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