Window focus changing when 'Populate from weblink'


Hello guys,

I know this is minor inconvenience, but here it is: when ‘I populate from weblink’ a target, I paste the image URL, hit check and receive the normal ‘Valid location…’ and close this popup, but when I hit OK on the ‘Web Link’ screen, the focus goes to another application I have open (sometimes the explorer, my stelarium software, or PHD2) and I have to click back to the SGP app. And also when I click on the OK button on the ‘Target Setting’ screen, the focus is lost to another application again.
I use Windows 7 Pro. The SGP logs a completely silent during all this clicking/populating process.
What kind of info or log do you need?


I get this sometimes but I have never used the Web Link box, cant remember when It happens to me but it does.

I’ll be more mindful when It happens next and make a note.




I’m having this problems too, and honestly it’s annoying. It also happens when you launch the help file and when image history is active



This is problem specific to software written in .NET… You’ll see it in SGPro, ASCOM device settings dialogs, etc. Nothing we can do really.


Thank you Ken for your response