Windows 10 will not run SGP

I have been using SGP this evening on my licensed Windows 10 PC, as I normally do when imaging. I started to get a frozen mouse within SGP. I then rebooted the PC and from that point was unable to launch SGP at all. I have done the command prompt restore, it didn’t improve the situation. When double clicking the SGP icon, or directly on the exe within the install folder it spins the mouse curser for a few seconds but then fails to open the application, without an error message. No logs are being created since the issue. I have fully uninstalled and re-installed the application, first by renaming the original \program files(x86)\Sequence Generator to \program files(x86)\old-Sequence Generator so that it was installing in a fresh directory and also by reinstalling without renaming, still not able to launch SGP. I have rebooted the machine several times, I have removed external connections to cameras and my mount, I have made sure that windows 10 has had all security and program updates, I have added SGP as an allowed application within the firewall, still it will not launch. Help!

Were can you attach the sequence that you were running at the time of the issue? Also it may be worth moving this sequence to a new location. SGP may be attempting to open it and having problems…although that should minimally create a log.


It is worth checking what version of Win 10 you are running – both installation type (Home, Pro) and which level – 1809, 1903, or whatever. Info in ‘system’. And if Windows is applying updates in the background, funny things will happen. I discovered updates running on my block storage drivers while I was using the machine… and parts of the file system just vanished. Not what one would expect…

greg latiak