WishList: Gain in events main sequence

I think it would be very beneficial to have gain a selection like DSLR have ISO on the main event grid. Right now it’s in the event settings gear for each entry and we have to click to double-check what it’s set as to confirm.

Would others also like to see this? Now that CMOS is here to stay…

That is a good question. Personally with ASI1600 I’ve settled on using two gains, high gain for narrowband and a lower gain for broadband. So my gain selection is fully dependent on the filter used. The per-event gain setting is still sometimes needed (e.g. when taking darks), but right now it is something that I must remember to look at each time I make a sequence. But yeah, +1 for having the gain visible in the event grid as it would reduce the chance of using the wrong gain. In the longer term I’d like to see a default value propagated from filter data similar to how flat exposure time is handled.

++ Jari