Wrong equipment profile, or minor bug?


I’ve found that when running SGP, the equipment profile (at least the name on the sequence toolbar) will revert back to an older version. I can start a sequence saved that’s marked for the equipment profile I have saved with it - Edge925HD @f/10, but it will eventually switch back to TMB92 @f/4.4 - an older profile that I used. It appears that the sequence will run as normal though as if it’s using the Edge equipment profile. For example, my autofocus run will take focus steps appropriate for the f/10 SCT, and not the f/4.4 refractor.

Perhaps it’s a minor bug? Attached is a screenshot.


Most probably you got hit by the „Profile as a Template Paradigm“.

Profiles are not what you would expect them to be. They are actually templates, used only to fill-in default values when you create a new sequence. You can change the information such transferred from a profile to a sequence using the Control Panel and these changes will be saved in the actual sequence without touching other sequences.

Editing profiles does not change existing sequences at all. But you can use the command “Apply Profile to sequence” to – well – apply a profile to the actual sequence.

This is by design. You will get used to it.



Thanks Horia for the response. I’ve done the apply profile to sequence before, and saved the sequence. Then, on restarting SGP, the sequence will show the old profile as it does in the screenshot above. I’m still stumped.



Hi Gabe

Then I am lost. Using SGP, I can change the profile of a sequence and the change will be correctly shown on the title bar. I have also checked the log file. Everytime I apply the profile, a line like this gets recorded:

[08.06.2016 21:31:42] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] Performing full form reset (with profile Moravian 8300 f = 1150mm)…

You migtht have a look at your log and see if there is some error message around that line.



I must not be following here. The “Spring2016-Edge.sgf” and “TMB92 (f4.4)” are not related. The name of the .sgf file is completely independent and can be named whatever you want it to be. The “TMB92 f4.4” is the profile that was used to create the sequence. Are you saying that the Spring2016-Edge.sgf was created with a different profile? And when loaded it shows “TMB92 (f4.4)” but the data therein is similar to the Edge?



I must be confused then. I thought that after applying a profile to a sequence, then saving that sequence, and reloading it, the profile will be activated. The original profile to create this sequence was the TMB profile.

Also, yes, it displays TMB, but the profile applied appears to match the Edge equipment profile.



Ok, I think I’m starting to understand what is going on.

Generally correct but maybe the semantics are wrong. Once you create a sequence with a profile the profile is no longer in play. It is linked to the sequence but if you change the profile any sequences created with that profile won’t get automatically updated to the new profile. It’s a one way settings “dump” from profile to sequence. I don’t think this has anything to do with the issue…just explaining it.

Is it possible that the sequence initially was created with the TMB profile and that later you switched it over to the Edge profile? If you create a new sequence with the Edge profile and reopen it does it show the TMB profile? Essentially can you duplicate this with using a new profile?