You can use Maxim and not PHD?


Hello guys,

I wanted to know, if you can avoid using PHD for guide, and use the internal CCD to my SBIG with MAXIM DL?



Dario - the obvious question that hit me is why do you want to use Maxim for guiding? PHD2 is very effective, free and has additional algorithms for special cases (The PHD2 hysteresis algorithm, with 0% hysteresis is very similar to Maxim)


Hi Buzz.

Mine is a necessity: I want to NOT put a third telescope and unnecessarily occupy another USB port; when I have two CCD with 2 other internal CCD for the guider.
My setup is 2 Pentax 75 with 2 Sbig ST4000 (one color and one with narrow-band filters)


Dario, does the SGP API guider module not work for you?
I do not use any SBIG CCD, but the manual for PHD2 is very clear about support for dual-chip CCD:


Hi Thorstenb,

I will look carefully this thing.
Very interesting. As soon as the weather will allow me, I will install SGP test and do the necessary checks.
Just reading, SGP seems an excellent automation software, which I often do mosaics, I find myself imopazzire.

Thanks for the information.