ZO ASI 071 hangs on download


I recently bought a ZWO ASI 071. I have been testing it with SGPro. Previously I have been using a Nikon camera with SGPro so I know how it works. The problem that I have is that SGPro sometimes hangs up when the file from the ASI 071 is downloading. Instead of a fairly quick ‘downloading’ notification, I get a steady stream of ‘downloading’. It never stops trying to download. I tried to cancel the event, but even I have to actually shutdown SGPro and re-start to continue imaging. This only happens once every 50 or 60 exposures, the rest of the time everything works great.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? I know that SGPro 3 is suppose to have native support for ZWO cameras. Any chance that will fix the problem??

I really enjoy using SGPro and hope to get over this issue.