ZWO ASI 1600 MC cooled compatible with SGP?


I m planning to order the ZWO ASI1600 Color Cooled.
Is it compatible with SGP?
I see no ZWO in SGP’s camera selection list.


The ZWO cameras are supported via their ASCOM driver. So yes, it will work with SGP. I’m also very interested in this camera!



Thanks Jared.


I understood from posts on CN that SGP was having trouble with the ASI1600 and that ZWO and SGP were working on the issue? Has it been fixed? I’ve ordered one so this is important as I can’t visualize life without SGP :slight_smile:


I am also interested in this issue. Sam indicated that SGP and ZWO were working on a fix and the 1600 is not currently supported by SGP even with the ASCOM driver. I have confirmed that my unit does not work with SGP.

Thanks in advance for any comment. Maybe ZWO is also working on a new ASCOM driver. Don’t know.


Sorry, too much going on today and I misinterpreted the question. I thought it was just a general “I don’t see the ZWO in the camera dropdown menu” which means the ASCOM driver needs to be installed.

Having said that, the ZWO ASCOM driver and SGP are currently not playing nice. We’re working with ZWO to address this issue and I believe they’re going to send us a camera for testing. It seems that there may be memory management issues on one side or both that are causing issues. It’s one of those fun issues that ends up something like:

  • SGP works with lots of other ASCOM cameras
  • ZWO works with lots of other ASCOM clients

Anyways, yes, we’re looking into it. Unfortunately no ETA. We’ve made some memory changes and things are better but still not great. Hopefully once we have a camera we can do some additional testing on our end.


ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool Image Download Hanging


Thanks for the clarification. At least we won’t wonder.


If during your investigations you come up with some insights on how the ASCOM specification, documentation or the Conform application can be improved please let the ASCOM people know.

An ASCOM compliant device should just work.



Isn’t there a similar memory management issue with the new 16200 Moravian cameras?


Not that I’m aware of.



I believe I have the ZWO issues pretty much taken care of. Even with their latest ASCOM driver ( we were still hitting memory issues VERY rarely. I’ll be releasing a version with some minor fixes in the next day or two and that should nicely wrap up any issues with the ZWO and it should improve memory handling (not usage) across all of SGP.


ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool Image Download Hanging