ZWO Connection Problem With Two Connected ZWO Cameras


I have two ZWO cameras (ASI 1600 MM Pro and ASI 290 mini). When I try to connect to the 1600 and I have the 290 connected I can see two ASCOM drivers options and both are the 290. If I disconnect the 290 the 1600 shows up again. Once I reconnect the 290 the 1600 becomes unavailable. This is a problem on Sharpcap and PHD2 as well. I have tried rebooting, reinstalling drivers to no avail. Any ideas?


I use two ZWO cams as well. I’m guessing you’re using one with SGP and the other with PHD2? What I do is I connect my 1600 to SGP with the ASI Camera (1) (ASCOM) driver and I connect my guidecam to PHD2 with the ZWO Camera (native) driver. I have run into issues similar to what you’re describing but I haven’t had any issues after connecting one cam with the ASCOM driver and the other with the native driver.