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Hi folks,

Please help us keep support requests organized so we don’t drop them.

  • Support requests go in here: #sequence-generator:sgpro-support Please try to create them in there. We will try to help move them in there also.
  • We spend a lot of time asking for more data. If you create a topic in here, we provide a template to help guide the support request.

There is a new option in the Help menu. The “Report a Problem” item will open up a new ticket for you, provide required information and a template. It is here:


Then pick the log files that show the issue you are reporting:


When you are done selecting logs, SGPro will zip them up and post them to the SGPro log repository. Lastly, your browser will open and start the support request for you. You will see that the draft already has a link to the log files… please don’t delete this or the information below it.

Add a title and your description and you’re done!

If the machine with the logs does not have an internet connection, you can still use this option to find and package logs to send to us.


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