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%Filename Variables don't get saved in equipment profile (1)
Refactor code behind the target and event loading/copying (4)
Autofocus using subframes (1)
Apply Autofocus on filter change settings to workitems rather than global (1)
Daylight Saving - Apply to Sequence (1)
Record FWHM of guide star from PhD2 in FITS header (6)
GUI integration of SkyGuard (Full Frame Guiding & Focusing) on SGP (10)
Pegasus Ultimate Power Box Support (ASCOM SWITCHES) (9)
Support for Lacerta MGEN (8)
OpenWeatherMap to use available coordinates (1)
Use target coordinates for auto-center after pier flip (8)
Enable anti-dew heater with ZWO native driver (12)
Auto focus after merdian flip (9)
Auto-Center sequence after so many # of frames (4)
Have the ability to Save and Load Event lists ( 2 ) (22)
Feature Request: Rotator Park on end of sequence (1)
Canon EOS mirror lockup requirement? (2)
Ability to change background "skins" (1)
Astro Dark added to Planning Tools (2)
Slight Modification to the Notifications Sub System? (1)
ASTAP plate solver use in SGP (10)
Debayer function to convert the monochrome FITS to color, and then a color adjust or color balance function (4)
Target remaining timer question (5)
Image History, save as text file (1)
SBIG fan speed setting (1)
Advanced Scheduling (11)
'Run Script' before / after each image (1)
Need timeout superpervision of task like downloading frame (1)
Rotational offset measurement (2)