Request focus delay prior to next image

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I am testing a QHY5iii-174 camera with autofocus and the images are all blurred due to incomplete focuser movement and settling. Maybe the camera is responding to exposure requests much faster than my Atik 383L+ - but the autofocus routine is not usable since all the frames are blurred in different amounts. This is focusing the sct with robofocus on the primary focuser - which may need perhaps 1 second to settle. From the log attached, the exposure request appears to happen immediately after completion of the focuser movement.

So - please include a focuser settle time similar to the one already existing for telescope slews. It would delay the next exposure after a focus movement.

When I focused manually, slowly stepping through and taking images, the images were very sharp, showing 1 sec. exposures with round stars and fwhm’s in the low 1" range - at about 0.4" per pixel. So autofocus should work very well - if there is a settle time after focus.


Consider adding a specifiable delay between focuser moves and image capture in autofocus
AutoFocus Update Feature Request

I also would really like to be able to set a delay after focuser movements since often see blurred out stars.