2 panel mosaic of the Horsehead and Flame


Everyone needs a good picture from Orion in their repertoire and despite having imaged for over 10 years now I’ve never managed to capture this most well known part of the night sky. I decided that this is the year and I am going to try and be very patient as this project will take a long time, probably over the course of the whole winter.

The final image will be an 8 panel HaRGB mosaic of the region from the Flame nebula (NGC2024) to extending past M42 and consist of a minimum 12 hours for each panel for a total of around 100 hours. Currently I’ve completed the two panels around the Horsehead and flame and nearly have enough for the two panels around M42.

So here is B33 the Horsehead and NGC2024 the Flame nebulas. Comments, suggestions, critique always welcome.


Wow! Great shot. How did you deal with Alnitak so well?



Wow Joel, that’s wonderful. I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  • Shane


Actually I really didn’t do anything sepcial with Alnitak. The SV80ST has
great glass and it doesn’t spread out the blue too much. Beyond that, I
stretched using MaskedStretch in PI and then a little global star reduction
is all.


Really nice work @joelshort… especially with the nebula detail and taming Alnitak.


Nice Joel … very nice.