32 bit Windows OS


So in the pinned post it mentioned;
Windows 10 - Through October 14, 2025
Windows 8.1 - Through January 10, 2023
Windows 8 - Through January 10, 2023
Windows 7 (64 bit) - Through January 14, 2020
Windows 7 (32 bit) - Through January 14, 2020
Windows Vista - Through April 11, 2017

I want to build a solution based around very small atom PC that runs W8.1 in 32 bit, does it means from the above it will not work or is it just not supported …



That should work fine. I honestly didn’t know MS released Windows 8 variants in non-64 bit variants.


yes even W10 I think, the cheap Atom based PC’s have mostelty 32 bit UEFI, which requires 32 bit os …
Another reason is most of these solutions come with 2GB fix memory, another reason to use 32 bit.



It works fine on low end 32bit systems. I have a windows stick with W10 32bits running on an atom 1.8GHz with 2GB of ram and it works. Not just that I can run simultaneously TheSKYX, SGP, PHD, EQMOD, localsolver, TeamViewer and local WIFI accesspoint SW called connectify (no screen attached to the stick)

Word of caution, wondows 10 doesn’t work well in screenless mode, same problem when closing the laptop’s lid, video acceleration is turned off. Teamviwer or vnc will have a hard time working without video acceleration. The solution is to get a dummy HDMI dongle, the dongle fools windows to think that a physical monitor is attached and keeps the acceleration HW warm.




Tip: stay off HDMI… Windows has a hard time with this interface and DVI is a better choice if you want consistent screen and window behavior.

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Unfortunately, low end windows tv sticks or laptops only have HDMI as an external video output. In my experience they work fine as long as they are connected.




Yep, they do. As soon as the monitor is turned off by windows’ “Turn off monitor after n minutes”, all windows will get tiny sizes and will be moved to a kludge at the top left. Terrible…



My little pipo x7 box is stuck at the customs, they refuse to believe I paid 86 euro’s for it …
… I really want to test the complete setup SGP + eqmod + sky chart + astrometry local …



Jose, does all that work together on that W10 stick???
Anyway there is a new breed of Cherry trail with 4GB that should run this combo I guess …


Yes, everything works OK. The local blind solver is slow but it works. I have use this configuration extensively, 2GB is enough, however 4GB would be a welcome upgrade.

Just get one of these dongle:

That think will fool windows to think that a real monitor is hooked.




Thanks Jose,
I’ve ordered one at Amazon, hard to find in Europe …
Anyway I did discovered a great feature of TeamViewer on iPad, it works with NO SCREEN attached … how they did it beats me, and the PC and Mac equivalent don’t operate reliable and are unusable … bizar, but reported all over the net.
I was sceptic using iPad, but boy was I wrong, it operates brilliant and really easy to use, I never would have thought that. The mix of Touch operation and mouse operation + keyboard really makes it easy to use …
Got everything installed on the pipo, been running SGP+PlateSolve2+Astrometry+PHD+SkyChart on the PiPO, W10 and all is fast and reliable. Till now only simulator devices used … Time to hook up the real stuff, but that will have to wait for now :wink:



Interesting! I never tried teamviwer on an iOS device!

It will work!




Forget Teamviewer,
I have W10 home, so I could not use RDP, but with this little wrapper I can use it;

It works great on my Mac and iPad, even with no screen of screen dongle attached, and it works without internet connection (TeamViewer can be setup to work without internet as well but for me it doesn’t always work reliable)
And RDP is much faster … and consumes less memory, running SGP, PHD, Skychart and a plate solve running I consume 60% of 2 GB system.



Splashtop works great as well for all version of Windows as well iOS. I use it all the time to remote in and to control and monitor everything going on with my imaging session form the comfort of the house. Best part, for the personnel and home use it’s free, Here’s the link if you’re interested; http://www.splashtop.com/



Like Mark, I also use Splashtop. Not only does it work with windows and my ipad but with my Android devices as well. I let the laptop screen in my observatory go to sleep. Still no problem accessing it in the house with any of my devices.


I use TeamViewer and logmein all the time on my phone☕️ They work great! Not having a full keyboard sucks.


Will splashtop work without monitor connected to PC … Teamviewer not …
Anyway, I discovered that W10 with RDP on iPad is fast, and it support left and wright swipe from the edge as well … so quickly going from one app to the other w10 app fullscreen on iPad, furthermore the keyboard in W10 is really cool to use … and best of all, no internet connection needed.



Team viewer works fine headless on my mini-PC.

Just use the dongle above to trick it. The downside to RDP is when you’re not on your network. That’s primarily why I stick to Teamviewer and Logmein.


I know I ordered one, but while waiting on my order I ventured in RDP,

  • doesn’t need a a dummy screen dongle
  • It’s faster
  • uses less memory (on my 2GB system important)
  • works reliable without internet connection
  • supports multiple connection to different PC’s
  • it creates a resolution that fits iPad, on TV I need to go into display settings of W10 to try “wright resolution”
  • In touch mode it registers touches better then TV, in SGP connection devices is always “difficult” to get wright, in RDP client it’s better, mouse mode is also more accurate.

I will keep both but prefer RDP