A couple more PNs: Abell 8 and NGC 2371-2


I took these a while back, but never posted them here. Abell 8 is a
perfect little ring in Auriga, with a wisp of h-alpha beside it. This
is about 9 hours, mostly Ha.

Abell 8 by The Hole in the Trees Skybox

NGC 2371 is the Double Planetary in Gemini. There are a couple of OIII
clumps near it - maybe bright parts of an exceedingly faint halo? A
professional astronomer actually asked me for my data, and told me that
this may be the deepest OIII image of this object. That surprised me,
but it seems that there are still a lot of targets that don’t have much
data on them, especially narrowband data. Pros have access to huge
scopes but little time on them. Amateurs can fill the gap with small
scopes and lots of time (this one has 12 hours), but narrowband filters
haven’t been widely available until fairly recently, so there still
aren’t a lot of deep exposure images. A deep RGB image of this target
would be interesting.

NGC 2371-2 by The Hole in the Trees Skybox

These are all with a CPC1100 and SXVR-H694 camera. Full details are shown below each image.



Very cool Kevin. I think I’m going to start using your website to help me
choose targets! You have an impressive repertoire.


Thanks Joel. Somehow I’ve turned into a PN specialist, without really meaning to. Small FOV, shooting through light pollution kind of steers you toward small, narrowband targets.