Adding targets from previously saved sequences


Not sure if this helps but I create single target sequences and file them by type(galaxies, nebulae etc.) and then import individual target sequences to create multiple target sequences. I also have seasonal sequences e.g., a Summer Sequence, that contain regular targets and I can add or delete sequences as required.



Perhaps something like this could be a resource for users? Create an inventory bank of targets that users could just import…


Thanks Gord

Silly question, but when you say “import” target sequence, how exactly do you do this?


Hi. No worries. I set up file folders on my laptop and then import them using the pathway below.




Morning Gord

Magic, thanks ever so much. Didn’t realise that this import facility existed. So much on SGPro, Pixinsight etc etc that we don’t know about until helpful guys like you take time out to point them out.

Thanks again


You’re very welcome! Glad I could help.