Adding targets from previously saved sequences


I’m new to SGP and I was wondering if there is a way to add targets from previously saved targets/sequences? I have saved individual targets and now would like to image more than one target in an evening. I know I can import from AstroPlanner or add multiple targets manually but it would be convenient to select saved targets/sequences from my SGP folder and add them directly to my new target list. Thanks, I hope this makes sense.



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Automated Changing of Sequences

Unfortunately not. I’ll move this over to feature request. It does seem like a good idea to be able to import from ourselves.



Thanks Jared. Being new I thought I might be missing something. Thanks also for moving this over to the feature request section. What I’m hoping to do is build an inventory of individual sequences and then be able to select from them to build multiple target sequences.




+1 here for ability to import a target from another SGPro Sequence



What I do is just plate solve one of the images if I'm moving to a new sequence for some reason.  If I'd like to try an image that someone else has, I usually just use the astrobin link option.  Both is quick and easy. 



Thanks Chris. Both are good tips. I actually used the AstroBin suggestion the first time I used SGP.


I love that feature. The Framing and Mosaic tool is what I use the most though. It’s kind of nice to see exactly what your camera is going to capture. Plus, sometimes just one ‘extra’ frame will give you a ton more detail if you choose to do a mosaic.


:slight_smile: Might be a bit off topic but I do like the idea of the mosaic as well. I use a Canon 600d with Hyperstar III on a C11 so short exposures which would be great for building a mosaic but I’m wondering how effective it would be given the size of the Canon sensor and the wider field using Hyperstar?


Works just fine. I haven’t used hyperstar but I’ve done it with my D800. No issues minus the usual DSLR hiccups (make sure you remove the darn memory card! :D)

You need to make sure it’s a flat field too.

Do you autofocus with the hyperstar?


Thanks! I’ve been using autofocus with Hyperstar and it has performed really well. I’m getting nice tight stars. I’m still on the learning curve as I’ve only been using SGP for about a week or so but it is extremely intuitive and by far the best all round programme that I’ve used.

I have had to play with the autofocus settings a bit as it is really easy to over saturate the focus stars. For a non-autofocus I would normally have to find an @mag 10 star. With the SGP whole field autofocus it seems to pick appropriate, unsaturated, stars and is not affected by stars that would normally make focusing with Hyperstar difficult at best.

My settings are, I believe, 1s at ISO 800. I am looking at experimenting with backlash tonight but so far haven’t seen an issue that is readily apparent. BTW, I’m using the Starizona MicroTouch focuser which replaces the C11 focuser so backlash could/should exist but SGP focusing seems to handle it well. I’ll know more after tonight.

I’m not sure how many Hyperstar users you have but if I can be of any help or if you’d like to set up an Hyperstar discussion section I’d be more than happy to help/ contribute as I am able.




+1 for this feature. Would love to be able to create all m yobjects as predefined sequences and then just select which ones load on a particular night.


Just wondering if there has been any development on this feature request? It would be very convenient and especially useful when in the field and Internet is not available.




+1 to what madds said.

Alternatively copy the sequence file and remove the target not being imaged.


What I’m hoping to do is have an inventory of targets and quickly build sequences that I can run unattended. I agree that using Framing and Mosaic or plate solving are good ways to bring targets into a sequence. For me, it seems that we should be able to import targets that are already in file folders on our laptops if we can import targets from external sources.




Any update on this? Unfortunately I did not know this wasn’t standard workflow. I spent a lot of time creating single target sequences with the Frame and Mosaic wizard and working out all the details. Now I can’t figure out how to combine some of those targets into a nights sequence. Any suggestions?


+1 for this idea.
Any movement on producing such a facility to copy target info to another sequence?



In SGP3, File/Import Targets/SGPro Sequence :grin:.


Hi Barry, can you explain a bit more. The question is can you import a target that is already part of an existing sequence directly into a new sequence?



You will import all targets in the existing sequence (let’s call it ‘A’) into the new sequence ‘B’.

If you don’t want all of the targets from sequence A in sequence B, simply delete the ones you don’t want from sequence B. The targets will of course still be in sequence A so you don’t lose anything. Importing is really like copying/pasting.

Why don’t you create a couple of mock sequences and experiment, SGP won’t complain, I promise :rofl:.

To allow for planning flexibility, I now create many sequences each of 1 target. I then import the targets from these sequences into a working sequence as I need.



Hi Barry

Thanks for the clarification and understand how to set up say sequence A and reduce it by the targets you don’t want and save it as sequence B.

However, what about if you have a sequence A and a sequence B which have different targets in and you want to put a target in sequence A and a target in sequence B into a new sequence C. How can this be done?