Adjust aperture for flats


Can SGP have a feature to adjust the aperture for flat?
I need to bring the exposure to the middle of the histogram by adjusting the aperture. The event doesn’t allow me to do this.


Meaning exposure time is no longer an option?


Exposure time the same as Light, but the aperture adjusted so the exposure falls in the middle of the histogram.



Why can’t you adjust your flats based on time? Or are you adjusting your aperture in manual mode and then wanting SGP to set a different aperture?


Hi Jake.

Actually your flats should use the same aperture as the lights in order to be able to correct the field illumination.



Jake - As Horia just stated flats should have the same aperture as your lights. In order to adjust the histogram you adjust the light source or the exposure time.


Thanks for the helpfulness. Much appreciated.