Alnitak Flip-Flat and sequence commands

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I see the Alnitak Flip-Flat unit is supported by SGP; for the moment only to take flats sequences. Does SGP support opening and closing the Flip-Flat during an imaging sequence?

My question arises because my RoR is just big enough for the imaging scope with the Flip-Flat closed when the mount parks. I would like to close the Flip-Flat before ordering the mount to park and open upon centring an object when starting/resuming a sequence. I know this is quite a lot to ask but would be interested to know if possible.

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Yes, SGP can open/close depending on the type of frame requested. Flats will close and turn the light on. Darks and Bias will close and leave the light off.

It doesn’t really have this logic in it. but you could likely trick it by taking a dark or bias as the last event prior to a sequence ending. However if your sequence ends abruptly due to a failure this would not be hit.

To be completely honest I’m not 100% sure when we tell the flip flat to close at at the end of a sequence. I would recommend trying this while you’re out there. It may occur prior to closing the observatory.



Many thanks for your suggestion. I’ll try this out next time around.

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I use one. It just works and is totally worth it.