ANSVR appdata folder completely missing after install?


Hi all,
im trying to install the ANSVR platesolver to blind solve in case PS2 fails, but when i try to run it it says could not find index directory. Lo and behold, in the appdata folder there is no cygwin_ansvr folder at all.
What on earth is causing this?


You are going to have to provide a bit more information than this. Basically what did you do and what happened? How did you install ansvr for example? No one is looking over your shoulder so you have to be very detailed about your situation to get help.


Hi desert sky,
I simply installed it via the website instructions (download v0.20, run program.) The program didn’t work, and there was no file.


Could you elaborate on that? Did you see any error or warning messages from Windows?


yes, an error message saying index directory could not be found. Then the program shut down


Sorry, I was not clear in my question. What I meant to ask was did you see any messages when you ran the installer program. The installer program is what the creates the cygwin_ansvr folder, and you mentioned that the cygwin_ansvr folder was not created, so I was hoping to get some clarification on whether the installer program itself reported any errors.
You could try running the installer program again, that certainly could not hurt.


No unsusual messages Andy. And i have run the program many times, uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.


Here is what happens when i try to install, in screenshots


Bump! some help would be greatly appreciated!