API for Session status or Remote App and Resizeable Target window

I have been using SGPro for several months and it is a really great piece of software. Overall it is well thought out and works well. It would be nice to have either an API to monitor session status messages and progress or even better an app like the Big Status I could run on a table or remote computer to monitor progress and get status messages and reminders. The other thing that would be great is the ability to resize the targets list window, when using descriptive names, the names get cut-off. Just my two cents.

and I would certainly pay for the app add-on. :smile:

We may add an API endpoint to the notification manager. This would allow you to call your own API from within SGPro and receive a structured object with status. For now, you can use email (SMS) or, programatically watch over a text file and stream new content to an endpoint of your choosing.

Thanks Ken, That is what I am doing now and it works well, do appreciate the consideration though.

Yes, I do like the large status and use it every session. The issue is that when you are sleeping you do not have a PC monitor nearby (at least most people don’t). GNS is OK but is frankly not great and something like the big status on a phone or tablet would be really useful. It is mainly assurance that everything is running well since if it is not, one will probably have to go to the PC anyway.

I have also long wanted this, but lack the time to do it. Maybe if we add the appropriate API endpoints an SGPro monitor app will just “magically” appear in the app store… one can only dream.


I suspect it would!

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