Are Error or Alert Notifications for Sequence Aborts?

Hello! I’d like to receive a notification when my sequence aborts for any reason. In the notifications drop down menu, I have selected notification on errors (something is wrong and the sequence has stopped prematurely) in
This had been discussed in the forum for prior releases in version 3, so forgive me if I’ve not made the appropriate selections for notifications. If I remember correctly, the intention of error notifications was for sequence aborts while alerts are for lower level problems.
Today, the sequence failed plate solve a target on AutoFrame Validation. The sequence then rolled over and doubled the exposure time for the same target. The sequence was able to plate solve on the longer exposed images and the sequence continued normally.
Interestingly, I received an error message for this even though the sequence did not abort, but continued relatively normally.
Can the Error notification be changed so that it reflects aborts rather than lower level problems (which I would think would be handled as Alerts )? Or, do I make a different selection so that notifications are only sent on sequence aborts? Thank you and best regards.

Mostly. An error is intended to represent premature sequence termination. An alert is when the sequence stops, as directed by the user, and requires your attention to continue. A warning message is the kind you should have received (something may be wrong).

I’ll see if I can find this and change it to a warning.

Thank you!

Hello! Just a quick note. I received an error notification last night when the sequence autofocus failed. The focus returned to the previous setting and the sequence continued.
Should this be a warning instead of an error since it did not require any action on my part? Best regards.