ASCOM and SBIG camera

In the past, ASCOM drivers have not been available for SBIG cameras. However, while looking for info on SBIG’s new scientific CMOS camera (Aluma AC4040), I ran across this web site:

that says ASCOM drivers are now available. Not clear if just for AC4040 or if for other SBIG cameras. So, I was wondering if anyone has more info on this issue.


I have no actual information on this driver, but I can note that we literally have a single code base to deal with ALL SBIG cameras… there is literally 0 special code devoted to various models. Because of this, I think it would actually be difficult to write an ASCOM driver for a specific model.

That said… the above is a statement specifically about SBIGs “non-Aluma” CCD cameras and not about the newer Aluma cameras (CMOS). I don’t know if they share the same unified driver vision.


I was thinking that the Maxim people would not want to have to update their imaging software to support some new firmware in the Aluma cameras and Aluma cameras have models using other chips, as well. So, a universal ASCOM driver for SBIG cameras might be at hand. It would be nice if someone owning any recent model SBIG camera could install that driver and test.

That web site makes this encouraging statement:

"The DL Imaging Drivers include native ASCOM support for the Windows platform, so you can be up-and-running right away with the bundled MaxIm LT or your favorite image acquisition software."

Hopefully, that web site knows what it is talking about.



So, I downloaded the Aluma driver software and installed it.

The ASCOM chooser shows generic entries for the “Diffraction Limited Imaging Drivers”



Maybe it just calls the MaximDL lite API (the software that the camera ships with)? Which would add complexity, but would also mean that SGPro can use anything that connects to Maxim. Just speculation…

Some clarification – I contacted the web site I referenced and received the following:

Hello Charlie,

With Diffraction Limited take-over of SBIG, they no longer support
CCDops, so all new software development is via MaximCCD, which
has been ASCOM compliant for some time now.

That said, there is no standalone ASCOM driver. You have to
use Maxim’s ASCOM functionality.

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I suppose this is similar to the way you have to run TheSkyX in order to have ASCOM control of a Bisque mount.

So your speculation about how this might work was correct.