ASCOM Driver for FLI PL16803


Anyone know if there is an ASCOM driver available for the FLI PL16803 that will allow SGP to use RBI flood?

The camera has significant dark fixed pattern noise that must be removed using darks taken at 1 mHz (RBI Flood).


I think the driver that was recently uploaded to the FLI group forum, will probably do the trick.

I just loaded it and had a look then via SGP. See the screen shot below. I think the same Ascom driver will do for more than one camera model - so that the RBI flood can be done. See the screenshot.

I have bought a different FLI model to yours - but not in hand yet to test. I hope, you can test the driver in SGP with your camera and let us know if it works for you.


Yes, I downloaded the driver and it seems to work OK with my PL16803 camera. Now I am trying to figure out the flush control settings for the PL16803.


Let us know……I’ll be following in your footsteps J


So, where is this FLI group forum where I can download this?


It is a Yahoo group:


The problem with this driver is the download speed everything is downloaded at the noisy 8mz speed.