Astronomy.Net Local Solver Compared to Internet Version when True Field is Significantly Off?


Hello! I am interested in giving the local solver a try.

How dos it compare to the internet version for plate solving when the true field is differs from the stated field in the image?

I believe Pinpoint will solve up to 1-2/3 fields away? Is there a limit for local solver compared to the internet version?

The FOV of my system is 12 x 18 arcminutes. After completing a long horizon to horizon slews, at times the stated position can be 30+ arcminutes away from the true field. The internet seems to be able to handle this. Does the local solver have the same ability?

Thank you and best regards.



What editor are you using? It’s difficult to read without word wraps. Your editor is driving me crazy!!!



Sorry! Just the editor with Firefox browser and whatever SGPro defaults to.

I’ll see if I can change it.



I am also using Firefox but I don’t have any issues. I didn’t change anything and use Firefox defaults.

I am simply using SGP editor. You also seem to start your message just fine and then another message without word wraps. Very strange.



OK. I am trying Chrome to see how it works. Please ignore this message. I am checking if word wrap is on when using Chrome as opposed to Firefox with the SGPro editor. Best regards. Mike


OK! Chrome works but Firefox is not playing nicely with the SGPro editor.

Thank you for pointing that out. I'll re-install Firefox to see if that solves the problem. Best regards.



To answer your question, I think it depends on how many of the catalogs you download and install. They are pretty big.



Hello! I us an Intel Compute Stick CS125, so it may not be fast.

During my first test with SGPro, was down, so

I had to abort the run since my initial field was too far off for
PinPoint to solve. So, I was wondering if the local instance of would solve the images as well as internet should
the internet be down

Thank you and best regards.



I would fix the problem that is causing Pinpoint 2 not to work instead of switching up plate solvers. It sounds like you aren’t starting your mount up with everything vertical. Make sure your mount is close to level and the scope and counterweight bar are vertical.



Thank you!