Auto adjust focus per filter for flats


Because I have different brands of filters (Optolong LRGB and Astrodon narrowband) there is quite a bit of difference in the focuser position for “in focus” bewteen the LRGB and narrowband filters, about 500 steps in my focuser. Although focus isn’t critical for flats, I do feel that the discrepancy in my case is adversely affecting the flats and image calibration.

I can of course manually adjust the focuser to move the 500 steps, but it seems to me like if I have auto adjust focus per filter enabled that any time the filter changes the focuser should adjust, but this is not the case when taking flats.

Is there a way to enable auto adjust focus per filter for flats, is this a bug, or should this be a feature request?


Hello Joel

Stab in the dark here but if you add the focuser as part of sequence and save it that way, will it now move the focus point per filter change?? I don’t i have tried this and i do not have a filterwheel anymore to test this myself.

Curious to know about your findings.


I did have the focuser added to the sequence and connected, but auto adjust
did not move the focuser while running the sequence.



Might have to dig for logs on this one. I set up a sequence with one light and one flat using different filters. Made sure there was a delta in focus pos and SGPro moved the focuser as expected.


I’m an idiot. Long story short, I have a sequence set up just for flats
and there was no filter position data in the filter wheel set up for that
sequence. I forgot to update that after I got new filters some time ago.



I rather not talk about all things i’ve done that merit a serious face palm moment but i am glad you figured it out.
Clear skies to all