Auto center on target before event?



Is is possible to auto center on the target before starting individual events of a sequence?


Yes. Under target settings “center now” or something like that.


Thanks for the response.

Yes, the “Center on” when target starts option will auto-center at the start of a sequence.
But will it re-center for every event inside the sequence?


I don’t think there’s a way to do that, but may I ask why do you want to?
If you are needing to recenter before every event, then I might suggest
that something is wrong with your guiding.

Or do you mean center before every TARGET starts?


Re-centering after a bunch of frames is another way of introducing some dither. I usually see 5-10 pixel offsets when I re-center.

I have tried the dither settings in PHD2/SGPro but somehow it seems to make the overall guiding worse.


is it possible to start the auto center module via a script?


Maybe I am not understanding but you can plate solve / center for each target.

By ‘event’ do you mean like a filter change? What is to be gained?