Auto equipment disconnect


Would it be possible to implement a equipment disconnect at the end of a session? It would be nice to have a full observatory shutdown at the end of the night. After a defined pause would be nice as well to allow for camera warm-up.


The camera will warm up if you have that setup. why do you need your equipment to disconnect?



I want to run a fully automated observatory and at the end of a session I would like to disconnect the equipment and shut off the power.


I think this would be advantageous and consistent with automation principles already in place. I do seem to recall that this was a feature request many months ago (although not a priority).


Sort of defeats object of unattended imaging if at the end of the night I have to go to the OBS and turn everything off! I could run a script to power off but would rather disconnect the kit first.


Yes, I completely agree martin_h. It would be good to have this feature.


Here is a quick down and dirty VBS script that will disconnect the kit.
first part makes sure the main SGP window is the focus, then it sends ctrl-shift-D to disconnect. then it makes the yes/no window the focus and sends enter for yes.

Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
objShell.AppActivate(“Sequence Generator Pro”)
objShell.SendKeys "^+d"
Wscript.sleep 3000
objShell.SendKeys “~”


It’s been awhile since I turned SGP on, I thought this was an option somewhere. I’ll dig into it tonight.


No option to auto disconnect everything. I’ll add this into the 2.5.2.X feature requests.



Many thanks, look forward to a result.