Auto focus after merdian flip


May I request for a flag under Auto Focus Frequency?

  • Auto focus after meridian flip

The reason I ask for, is my reflector is quite stable in terms of focus even there is a temperature change, but after a meridian flip it requires a refocus, due to the settling of the primary with a huge change of pointing direction.

With the option, I can save air time from the option “Auto focus after automatic centering action” I am using.

I manage meridian flip in SGP.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Just a thought - but does the ‘AF after resume’ option do what you want?


No. A meridian flip can happen in the middle of the sequence without human intervention.


I think we are crossed wires. When SGP resumes a sequence after an automatic meridian flip, if ‘AF after resume’ is enabled, I wonder if it does another AF run.


No, it doesn’t serve the purpose as:

  1. AF is not necessary for every resume
  2. I just tested it, it doesn’t AF automatically after an auto-meridian flip


When it does a meridian flip - does it not re-center the scope? If so…will this do what you want?


I never checked to see if this is the case…but worth a try!



It does do exactly that.


I am using AF after automatic centering action.

But it takes more overhead, as I don’t need to AF for every target, just after meridian flip, or at the start of the sequence.


Agree with this - specific option of AF after flip would be very useful.