Auto focus for dummies (help)

Can someone explain it like I’m 5 on this please lol!

I have my autofocuser attached to a canon 200mm L series and using the zwo efw8 with lrgb filters

I want to be able to run autofocus per filter change, but I’m under the impression I need to jot down the autofocuser position per filter.

Can the autofocuser with sgpro run autofocus without a current position? It seems I assumed it would run its own autofocuser routine per filter change and get it to the right hfr when doing a night of cycling lrgb, but now after reading it seems I need to have focuser position set for all filters vs my assumption it would just know what to do as I slept (doh!). So is jotting down the position the only way it will come into focus on each filter swap?

“Aborting change focus for filter because at least one of the filters in question does not have a focus position set”

This was one example from the log.

Please help me out. Currently reading all what has to do with the autofocuser in sgpro but I want to make sure I’m doing it right.

The online help is really very good but I agree it can be confusing and a bit overwhelming for a newbie unfamiliar with the terminology - as I was myself just a year ago. Practical experience helps a lot and everything will become clearer but I think what you need to get started is:
In Control Panel/Focus:
tick the “Use Auto Focus” box
do not tick “Auto adjust focus per filter”

In “Auto Focus Options”, tick the “Auto focus on filter change” box (and any of the others you want to use e.g. on temperature change or periodically etc.)

In the Filter setup dialog you need to specify the exposure time for each of your filters. Maybe you have to put a focus position in too but just set to a dummy value, it wont be used.

What I found useful was to record the focus position in the filename of each sub. After a few nights of imaging I was able to review the focus positions and work out filter offsets for each filter. I then enabled “auto adjust per filter” and SGP does a full autofocus run with the L filter and then uses offsets to set the positions for the other filters.

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By autofocus options do you mean in the equipment profile or the cogs tab on the top that brings up a focus control pop up

I get to the Autofocus options dialog from Control Panel/Focus tab and then click the Set button next to the “use auto focus” check box. There may be another route into the dialog.