Autofocus before Auto Centering?



I am thinking of this and I am not sure if this has been brought up before. I wonder if it make sense to do autofocus before autocentering. The reason is sometime when focuser is sloppy, focusing will cause image shift, and sometimes big ones… Seems to be an easy job? Just switch the order of these two actions?



Can you post your autofocus files so they can see what problems you’re having?

I don’t have image shift, but I always make sure I’m in focus prior to starting a sequence.


I would like to offer a ‘me too’ to this request.

The reason being, for the first time a few days ago, I wanted to set up SGP and my imaging system to start a sequence at a time that I was not going to by present. I have not done this before, but because there was no way of getting it to run the autofocus before the autocentering, I had to do the initial focus on a bright star in daylight. Not easy to do, but I did manage it. It would be far easier if the option of “Auto focus before sequence start” which is already in the Auto Focus Options, did actually do this ‘Before’ the sequence start as this option implies.

As I did manage to get the initial focus, the sequence worked wonderfully and on my return I found a set of subs in perfect focus :smile: Great software, keep up the good work.