Autofocus Executes Each Frame But Set For Only Filter Change


I posted this previously but did not have the log to show for it. I now have the log. I have an older SBIG CFW8. I run everything on Windows 7 machine, latest version. Latest version of SBIG drivers are installed. Two things are not correct.

The filter wheel does not seem to be picked up correctly by SGP. The little light button does not turn a color and stays gray. The wheel works and changes filters but the filter icon is does not properly represent the color.

In addition, when I set the focus to focus only on a filter change, it focuses on each and every frame even if the filter does not change. It is almost like the filter wheel is sending a message to update the filter wheel position and it is read as if the wheel changed locations even though it is still on the same filter.

I am currently running beta. However it does not work properly on the non beta full release version. I updated to see if it would fix the issue of focus on all frames, even though the filter did not change and it is supposed to be focusing only on filter change… And the does not pick up the filter and change color in the settings issue. Here is a link to the log.

Hope I got the link correct.


Yes, Thanks.

Unfortunately, I am not sure what is wrong. Or rather, I know what is wrong, but not why it is wrong. The filter change trigger is tested as working in

The problem is that your CFW seems to be reporting a filter that it is not currently set at. Then, during the trigger check, the last filter that was used for AF appears to be different than the filter the next frame is about to use. Does SGPro show the correct filter for your CFW?


SGP does not show the correct filter for the CFW, yet it operates them correctly and knows where they are. The button never turns red or green or blue and just stays gray. I can’t seem to get it to work no matter which filter wheel detection method is used, auto or specific to SBIG. I checked the SBIG drivers and they are current. Just before initiating the integration SGP seems to get a report on the filter setting and then starts focusing. This happens even if the filter has not changed and is reporting the same filter.


Not a huge issue for me right now. I can live with it. I am trying to get some kind of TemPerHum device so I can refocus depending on temperature differences locally. I don’t know who has a device that is ready to go with SGP and ASCOM compliant. I ultimately want to focus per filter as an option but nothing to obsess about at this point.


What is the model of your CFW?

We don’t really support TEMPerHUM any longer… they are cheap, but also unreliable. We are currently recommending the Blue Astro StickStation to fulfill this need within SGPro.



Thanks on the TEMPerHUM advise. I was looking a the Blue Astro today. That is what I will purchase.