Autofocus with FINE ft focus motor

I’ve used autofocus in SGP with perfecton for the past couple years with my refractors. I’ve recently setup a 11" RASA that has a FT focuser and I had a motor install for remote focusing.

A course setting before was 500 and fine was 80. With this thing I have course set at 3000 and fine at 1000. It still has major problems.

Any suggestions for settings. Because it’s a F2.2 scope it’s focus is very critical… but SGP seems to only use one (course) step size when doing a auto focus. It often gets me in the park, but no home runs - rather foul stars when zoomed. Any tips/tricks? It would be nice if SGP would switch down to a fine focus step as HFR numbers start to get under 3.5-4. (Kstars did this fine, it actually dials down the steps on its own to nail focus).

If I recall correctly, fine and coarse focus settings have no impact at all on Autofocus. They are only used when moving focus manually via SGPro.

thank you - (i know) but that’s not my question or issue. I’m asking about autofocus. How to get SGP to move enough to by pass seeing problems, but fine enough to find the best focus point on a F2.2 scope.

I have auto focus steps to like 3000. Else it zig zags up and down with seeing if it’s to small. If it’s to big - it can’t find fine focus. It would be nice if focus was modified to step to a smaller fine focus when it gets close.

ah I re-read my post and it seems to imply I mean manual focus. I gave both those settings. That was simply to relate to auto focus only having ONE (course) setting. But I understand why you replied as you did. - thanks

I had a F3 telescope with an Atlas Focuser, getting a V curve worked with steps of 200 which corresponds to 0.018mm. Not sure if that helps…