Avoiding vibration when using Live mode with Canon 5D mk2

I am using a borrowed Canon EOS 5D mk2 DSLR camera which connects to SGP. I have tried using the Live View mode. It seems that the default is a binned colour (?) image which is not quite good enough for focusing. What I really want to know is how to use SGP to take pictures after the mirror has been moved out of the way. So far, every single picture has been ruined by post-mirror vibration and I cannot see how to configure it to move the mirror, pause for 2 secs and then take the picture. Is this possible? It would be a pity to abandon the camera just because the vibration is too much.

TIA for all advice.

Lawrence Harris

I have managed to solve the problem of vibration. By setting ‘mirror delay’ in the settings option and using M instead of B, the delay before exposure can be set for short exposures. For longer exposures the B setting is used. The mirror delay makes all the difference. It has taken many investigations to crack this.

Lawrence Harris