AVX and control software


I have an AVX mount which I can connect with SGP but then I can’t use a control software because it says the com port is in use. I am connected through the HC. SGP and The control software uses the same com port. I first tried using Stellarium when I couldn’t get that to work I purchased The Sky since others had success. Ur still having the same problem. Obviously I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know where to start. Please help!


I too use a Celestron mount, albeit not the shiny new AVX. The solution is to use the POTH ascom device. That’s “Plain Old Telescope Handset”, I think. Anyway, that lets multiple programs connect to that as a “hub”, and they all think they’re talking directly to the mount. The POTH comes with the ASCOM platform.


Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.



Hi Karl,
I just tried connecting in SGP using the POTH driver. It connected but I still could not connect to Skyx, it said the com port was in use??? In Skyx I’m using the celestron AVX driver?
Thanks, Debbie


'ullo Debbie,

So, connect your AVX to the POTH, and connect SkyX and SGP, both, to the POTH. I don’t use SkyX, but others around here do, and I presume that SkyX will be willing to talk to the POTH.



Nope, Skyx does not offer the POTH option.


:confused: Now I am guessing. A quick googleing reveals that The SkyX claims to be willing to talk to ASCOM compliant mounts. (And, by definition the POTH is ASCOM compliant…)

( http://www.bisque.com/sc/pages/SBandASCOM.aspx and http://www.ascom-standards.org/Downloads/Plugins.htm )

So you may need to add that plugin to your kit. Otherwise, I’ll have to leave this to someone who can talk about SkyX with more authority than I have.



Use the ascom driver and dump using nexremote. If you need nexremote use the path through virtual comm port.


Not using NexRemote HC is directly connected to PC. I’m going to try POTH driver in SGP and ASCOM driver instead of AVX driver in TSX.


Try the free “Stellarium Scope” software. It’s an interface (or sort of a hub) in between Stellarium and ASCOM mount driver. With this, it should prevent from SGP fighting with Stellarium.




Thanks Peter. It I just shelled out $144 for TSX so I had to make it work. I did get it worked out (at least in my living room) using the POTH driver in SGP to connect telescope and then selecting ASCOM driver in TSX which then gave me the option to select the POTH driver.


Or get a refund. You have zero need for TSX. Stellarium and SGP work just fine.