Beginner Question on Manual Focusing - Target Markers


I continue to enjoy experimenting with SGPro. Great software. I have a question about using the Target Markers module.

I have been imaging the Heart Nebula IC 1805 in Cassiopeia and have chosen Ruchbah as my nearest bright focus star. Here in New Mexico with 87 degree daytime temperatures and 50 night time temperatures you have to focus several times a night as the the equipment cools off. I use a bahtinov mask to manually focus.

Before I start my sequence I go to Ruchbah and focus and set my target marker. The I start my sequence and the scope slews, plate sloves, then starts imaging. I then set my image target.

Here is my question: What is the Proper way (1) to pause the sequence and (2) slew to my focus star then (3) return to my image and (4)restart the sequence.

I’ve only tried it once and when I got back to my image and pressed Resume the autoguider didn’t connect.

Thanks for any help you can give


All of this assumes you do not have a motorized focuser. If you do, this is the wrong approach (entirely).

With respect to pausing for manual focus. Use the SGPro manual focus patterns to define how you want to do this:

The first time, probably use a Planetarium that is hooked up to your mount. Use it to slew to your bright star, then mark it as your focus target. The next time use your marker to move there (beware the meridian here)

Right click on your target and click “Center”

Click resume sequence


Thank you Ken for you answer.

You are right, I do my focusing manually.

Yes or No question:

You can’t just press the pause button, go focus, the return and press resume? You have to use “reminders”.




Of course you can. The reminders just help.


Perfect. Thank you!