Beta Parking scope in Infinite loop

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.7.2

Hung parking scope. Scope went to park position immediately when it should have, but program was stuck with “Parking” on status line.
After 15 minutes I closed the program. It gave me a warning that a sequence was still running, which I ignored.
Logs sent


I am unable to resolve what is going on here. By all accounts, the sequence does not have any option set that would attempt to park the mount and the logs confirm that there was never any attempt by SGPro to park the mount. In addition, the sequence ended at 05:54 and SGPro was closed at 05:58.

The dates on the logs look right, but the description doesn’t seem to match.

Sorry, I sent log for wrong scope. Correct one now sent.

Ok, I took a look. Unfortunately, this is a condition where the sequence thread passed control off to the ASCOM driver and the driver never returned. We need to go through and prevent anywhere the sequence hands over control to external software… In this case, there is nothing we could have done to make the mount behave differently, but it doesn’t have to affect the rest of the sequence or SGPro itself.

This should solve my problem perfectly, since the mount did park successfully. Great, thanks.

In versions greater than, end of sequence options will no longer wait for park to complete before moving on.

Keep in mind that this really only protects the end of sequence and that attempting to start something else after the mount is in this state will likely just error there. This change just kicks the can down the road to an area that is less dangerous to fail in.