BUG report : impossible to clean framing images defenitly!



I report a bug that is annoying when you use and save a SGP sequence.

I usually reopen the last sequence which I saved at the end of the night.
So when I open SGP, I selecte this last sequence, but it takes extra time to load : especially with all the old framing images kept from session to session.

So one method is to simply delete these old framing images , and save the SGP sequence (.sgp) . BUT IT does NOT work .

If you reopen this saved sequence, normally without the old framing images because you 've just deleted them … It does not work , the deleted framing imges reappear again !!!

Very annoying …

Please correct it
Thanks in advance


You can’t just close the reference images from the main screen. You have to go to Sequence/Manage Sequence Files and remove them there. Then they won’t show up when you next load the sequence.