Can SGP Control the Paramount Focus Port?


Is Sequence Generator Pro able to access and control the Focus port that is present on various Software Bisque mounts? I’ve used mine before from within TheSkyX to control an old DC focus motor, and wondered if I could utilize it from within SGP.

I didn’t see any drop-down for it in the focuser tab, but perhaps I missed something.



Does it have ASCOM drivers?


I haven’t seen a separate ASCOM driver for the Focuser port specifically, but SGP is definitely able to communicate with TheSkyX.

Here’s the wording directly from the Paramount manual:

“Use this port to connect your pulse focuser to the mount so that TheSkyX Professional Edition or other
software (using TheSkyX Pro as a server) can be used to “remotely” adjust the focuser’s position.”


You’ll need to find the ASCOM driver.


There’s no ASCOM focuser driver for the SB scripting and IMO no need. The focuser is external to TSX so all it’s doing is providing another layer where things might go wrong. Just connect directly to the focuser using it’s driver.



There is no driver. We are talking about using the built in port on a Paramount to control a DC focuser such as a JMI Motofocus or Orion Accufocus. The Paramount has a built in port that can control such a focuser, but requires TheSkyX to operate it. SGP can communicate with TheSkyX, so I was hoping there could be a way to have SGP operate the focus port of a Paramount via TheSkyX.

Is that more clear? Or are you suggesting that I can already control a DC focus motor connected to a Paramount via SGP. If so, please explain how.



Talk with SB about it. If there isn’t an ASCOM driver to let SGP issue commands to the device or a direct driver that SGP has for the device, SGP can’t control it.

The other issue is a DC focuser is not absolute so SGP would have no way of knowing whether its movements were effective. You’re better off getting a Moonlite/FT/Rigel Systems setup.


Thanks. I assumed as much.

As for focusers, I have several absolute stepper motors. I’m chasing a completely different tail with this project, so I’d like to be able to control the DC ones as well. Looks like I’ll have to either use TSX directly or get a Shoestring adapter. It just sucks because the components are already in place to work as is, the software just doesn’t link up for that function.


Yea, it isn’t going to work. Good luck!