Celestron Starsense and SGPro


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if the Starsense is compatible with SGPro.

I know that I can connect SGPro to the Starsense HC and control my mount, but my question is regarding the sync of the mount.
Is there any way to sync the mount with starsense (e.g. with a button in SGPro) and use this sync to provide the exact position of the telescope in the sky to SGPro.

I understand that there is a solve and sync feature in SGPro, but I was wondering if the initial alignement could be done via the Starsense feature.

I am not sure to be clear but I try

PS : I read that the starsense alignment is lost when connecting to SGpro (when the alignment is done by the HC and then connect to the laptop) due to hardware precedence but I was wondering if the starsense alignment could be perfomed inside SGpro so that it is not lost.

Clear skies


Is my question unclear ?


No, but a lot of people probably haven’t tried this combination. I have a StarSense on my CPC1100, but I see it as something that is useful for visual observing and something that would just add complexity for photography needs.

I’m not sure how the StarSense handles syncing or if it would mess things up internal to it’s model. SGP communicates with it through ASCOM and anything beyond that is up to the decision of the ASCOM author and the hardware.

Probably not. We’d likely have to have a native driver to do this and that is not something we’re interested in. Honestly I’d just use plate solving and Auto Center with SGP and not worry about creating a model with StarSense. Auto Center will get you closer than StarSense every time.

Essentially use the StarSense functionality when you want to use the mount visually to create the alignment model for you. When imaging just use plate solving and auto center which removes the need for an accurate model (single sync is sufficient)



Thanks for the reply.

The idea was to have a standard way to synchronize the mount (i.e. with starsense) and to be able to add more accuracy if I was using a camera (instead of visual).

Your response is quite clear : I have to test :slight_smile:


I think you’ll find that StarSense adds an additional layer of complexity for imaging but is great for visual. I love it with my cpc for visual use but have never had the desire for that functionality on my imaging setup (which I can setup faster than SkySense can)

In either case let us know how it works out!

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