CEM120 and SGPro Connect Issue


Hi Group,
I’m running SGPro v3.0.1.0 and iOptron Commander 6.01 on my Win 10 desktop. Right now I’m just exercising the CEM120 mount in the house while waiting on modifications to my steel pier. That should be done by next week, and into the Observatory all will go.

I’m finding that when I “connect” SGPro to the “iOptron ASCOM Driver for Mount”, the iOptron Commander 6.01 window appears and states the Mount is connected. But after a few seconds pause, SGPro shows an error message saying “Error connecting to iOptron ASCOM Driver for Mount”.
a) After this a second attempt (by me) to connect is successful.
b) If I start up the iOptron Commander software first, then SGPro connects on the first try.

The attached DropBox includes the SGPro log and a screenshot of the error message. Notice in the log that up through 10:15am the log (I think) was saying the mount was connected, even though the Sequence showed it was not and the error message was present. At 10:28am I cleared the error message and connected again, this time successfully.

Starting the Commander first seems like an easy workaround, and my setup is still a ways from being fully functional.

I would like to hear, as more of these mounts get into the wild, If there is something more I can do.

FWIW, firmware from iOptron is the latest and the Windows software was updated within the last couple of weeks.

Thanks in advance,



I’ve had the same issue and just learned to live with it. I think when SGP tries to connect to the telescope, it does start commander but for some reason commander doesn’t tell SGP it is ready or perhaps SGP times out before it is done.


Notice the same thing with CEM60. I just start the driver first before starting SGP. I usually test all connections before SGP begins.



Thanks guys. I’ll follow-up if I find out anything else.