CFA FIT Format Star Alignment and Calibration issues in Pi


I usually shoot in CR2 format on my 60Da via SGP, but it seems that in one of the updates the format was reset to CFA FIT. I only really noticed this well into imaging, and then stuck to the format.

I am now experiencing Star Alignment and Calibration issues in PixInsight. When I Googled the topic, I saw a few similar emails, but no real solution.

Any suggestions or workarounds would be greatly appreciated, as I am now unable to process in Pi.


Martin Heigan


go ahead and post the subs in the PI forum and we’ll look at them… we need at least one dark, bias, flat, and light sub, or if you have already made the masters you should post those too.


Did you ever have any luck? Are you using FITs for all calibration or are you mixing FITs and CR2 formats?

Also yes, the storage options for cameras were moved into the sequence settings rather than being global when we moved to 2.5. We put up a lot of warnings in the forum about this and even had a profile migration assistant in SGP to help with this. But I’m sure the message didn’t get out to everyone. Sorry about that :-/



Thank you, I managed to get it working in the end.

CFA FIT is not compatible with any other format during the calibration process in Pi. I had to go and re-shoot all my Calibration frames in CFA-FIT format via SGP before I could proceed.




Martin, I have run into the same problem, but with a slightly different twist.

When I process CR2 DSLR RAW files in PI, I get perfect calibration.

When I process using CFA FITS, I get NO calibration from flats from the flats collected by SGP.

Were you able to get clean calibration frames from your CFA FITS?


That was a long time ago, but if I recall it was because you can’t mix RAW and CFA FITS data. I had a Master Dark and Bias library created from CR2 RAW files, and then started imaging the Lights in CFA FITS format via SGP. Once I shot the Darks, Bias and Flats in CFA FITS as well, it all worked again.

Hope this helps.




I am only trying to combine CFA FITS with CFA FITS and cannot get them to calibrate properly. It is almost as if the calibration routine does not recognize the calibration files at all. The lights look uncalibrated.


Mail]( for Windows 10


Hi Jay,

I never ran into that. Don’t use the BatchPreProcessing Script if possible, it has limited functionality.

Good luck!