Change in set up config for Plate Solve


I’ve been using SG Pro very successfully for long multiple photometry runs and PS2 worked every time (using the local ADM and UCAC3 Db).
Just changed from an Atik460 to an Orion G3 for my photometry set up and now PS2 won’t work at all. Even for the same photometry fields.
I’ve set up a different (new) profile - all that’s changed (materially) are field and pixel size.
Seems like I’ve missed something obvious in the config.
Any ideas before I generate a log and raise this formally?


Changing cameras would only affect your ability to plate solve if you failed to update for the new image scale in profile and sequence. If your new 1x1 scale is accurate and you still have solve failure, we would need the log and an image that is failing to solve for you.


Thanks Ken.
I’ll check and log next time out.