Confidence greater than 100% in PlateSolve2


Hello Group,

I installed the PlateSolve2 this evening and was amazed at how quick it was performing the plate solves on images I had taken earlier this year. Early in the year no location information was being included in the EXIF data due to my configuration. These images all required “blind solves” but were solved in between 3 and 9 seconds. Impressive!

Later this year I had a connection to the mount that provided RA and Dec info to the EXIF data in my images. For these images solve (not blind solve) returned a confidence number greater than 100. My guess is the number was equal to the number of star matches (226 to 385). If I blind solved the same image the returned confidence was 100.

Not a big deal, but I thought I would report it. I am on SGP and a recent download of PlateSolve2.



The confidence numbers don’t add up to 100 and aren’t a percentage. Mine are usually in the 2-300 area too.


Correct. The confidence will vary between solvers and it’s really kind of meaningless to be honest. I wouldn’t worry about the confidence numbers too much. If it solves it solves.