Connecting to a CGE Pro with Starsense


I can not connect SGP to my cge Pro with the Starsense hand controller. Windows 7 PC 16 megs of RAM i5, 10 usb ports built in and ASCOM 6.2 installed…which mount do I choose in the dropdown menu?

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Pablo Lewin


“Celestron Telescope Driver”



Thanks Chris. I tried it but it didn’t work…hmmm back to the drawing board!


How are you connecting? Are you connecting to the hand controller or through the PC Port on the mount?



Thank you Jared. I got it all to connect now. I got a program called USB view and it was conflicting with The Sky X. Now I disconnect the Sky x , reboot and everything connects. On another topic do I need a camera field rotator for the Mosaic app to function? It was failing and not centering on my object when I tried it…

Thanks again. Best!