Connection timeout duration for mount connect

This was briefly discussed some time ago but I don’t believe it resulted in any outcome. When SGP auto connects to my mount (a Paramount) it automatically boots up TSX, which fires up the mount and homes its sensors. Only then does it report ‘connected’. SGP time-outs before it gets there and reports a connection error, though, if I close the warning dialog, it still works. This is not a bug - just a length of time, since, if I leave the mount close to its home position when I try to connect, there is no issue.

Please can you increase the mount connection time-out period?

Will second that request

Sure. What would you guess is appropriate? I have no idea how much time you
are in need of.

Ken - In room conditions I tested the homing time from a horizontal park position and a normal park position pointing to the pole, which you use for loading equipment:

From horizontal park 35 seconds
From ‘standard’ mount position, 45 seconds

Allowing for some slower slew times in cold conditions, I would suggest 60 seconds (I think you currently have 30 seconds). This will account for SGP starting up TSX through its ASCOM driver and homing (Chris Rowland’s ASCOM driver set to ‘home on connect’)

Incidentally - if you connect via a hub - then no matter if you connect / disconnect PHD2 or SGP, the mount does not repeatedly home itself.

Many thanks