? Continued Glitch with "Horizon" in User Profile?

Hello! I seem to be having a glitch with the “horizon” constraint in the User Profile. I had asked this question about two weeks ago and was advised to turn on the slew to next target on failure constraint, which I did
I have two variables that I focus on and the plate solve every hour to ensure the field is as I need it with my narrow field camera. I have the horizon set to 30 degrees in the User Profile and slew to next target on failure set in the location profile.
Last night, the first variable went below 30 degrees mid way through the hourly targets I had set for it. SGPro stopped the sequence and checked if the next target was over 30 dgegrees. Since it was also the same variable and was also below 30 degrees, the sequence stopped since it said no targets were above 30 degree horizon constraint.
When I arose to check on the sequence, I noted that it had stopped, I unclicked the horizon constraint in the User Profile and restarted the sequence. SGPro stopped when it reached the horizon constraint that I had set as part of the target (31 degrees in this case) and skipped the same variable’s hourly targets since they were all of the same star and under 31 degrees. It then slewed to the next star in the sequence which was over 30 degrees.
It appears that SGPro does not check the entire sequence when a target goes under the horizon constraint in the User Profile? Do I need to set something else up for the horizon constraint other than slew to the next target on failure?
Thank you and best regards.

It should have moved to the next target above the horizon with no manual intervention. Can you send the logs?

Hello! Sorry, I was not available for several days. I see that a new update is out. Should I still upload the log file?
The problem arose when the next target in the sequence after the one that stopped because it was below the horizon limit, was also below the horizon limit set in the profile. Best regards. Mike

Yes please. We have not made any adjustments in this area so if there is a defect, it is still present. You can use the log browser to help locate the right logs (you probably want to update to 434 before you do though).

Hello! Thank you for your note.
The sequence went below the Horizon altitude set in the User Profile at 22:16:27.

I had slew to next target on failure in the Profile settings. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Perhaps I should not have the altitude setting in both the User Profile and the target itself? Best regards.

Ok, Thx. It took a while to find, but there is indeed a defect in SGPro when the sequence gets into this not-well-traveled area where there was just enough time to eek out a single short exposure, but by the time the slew actually occurred, this was no longer true. In this very specific area, SGPro did not set its state properly to force the sequence to continue on. This will be resolved in

Thank you! I am glad that I could help (rather than just incorrectly setting up SGPro!) Best regards. Mike