Devs - please check my account.... Bought second set of three licenses but the second set does not work


I have posted this same basic question in two places for a week or two now and have not gotten an answer.

Simply put, if I spend another $99 and buy another license (I have 3.X) using the same email, will I then have 6 machines (available installs) on the same account?

I don’t want to purchase unless I know that this would not cause any license or account problems or confusions.

I don’t seem to be getting an answer from the devs on this so if anyone has two sets of licenses using the same email, please let me know.



I didn’t test that path, so if it doesn’t work that way just let me know and I’ll manually add another 3 licenses to your existing license.



I bought another set of three licenses for $99.00 but they do not work since my account is showing up as two sets of three licenses and the second set is not recognized as existing when I try to activate the fourth PC (it still says zero licenses remaining when I try to activate the fourth PC). I suspect that you will need to manually change my account to show one set of six machines instead.

Please let me know when you have done this so I can activate my fourth PC. Right now have six licenses and can only use three.



You should be all set now. I removed your new license and moved everything along with 3 more machines to your new license.

If that doesn’t work just let me know. Also for licensing things please email



Yup, that did it! 4th machine set up and 2 licenses remaining.


Email noted.