Dithering at the start of a sequence


Recently, certainly in and also in that I am now running, at the start of a sequence dither is applied before the first exposure. This was not the case in earlier versions. Could I have a setting wrong? or have you changed it to work that way?

I don’t see the point as this just adds extra time and takes you away from the carefully centered & plate solved position. When picking an image to use as the one to register to for integration, I usually pick the first image of the session as that will be the closest to the ideal, with all others dithered about that position. ( I hope that makes sense).




I concur Mike,

I know the dev’s moved the dither action from the end of an image’s capture to the beginning for some reason but I cant remember why, probably part of a grand scheme ! That’s why it dithers before the first capture is done.

I agree that the dither before the very first target image capture should be stopped.



I think the developers mentioned that moving the dither to the beginning of the frame will allow a smarter determination of whether a dither is necessary. They mentioned meridian flips and rotations as cases where the need to dither will be eliminated going forward. Presumably, this is the case with a dither prior to the first image, too.

Craig Smith