Dithering only every second frame

Useful Info

OS: Windows 10 Pro


Although I set ‘Dither every 1 Frame(s)’:


dithering was performed only after every second frame. In the logfile, there is an entry for every second frame like:

[11/29/19 20:05:55.528][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Autoguider will not dither this frame. Total dither attempts is less than 1

I now noticed that this behavior already resulted with v3.1.0.387, but NOT with v.

Steps to Reproduce this Issue

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We will almost always need logs showing the reported behavior.Add a Dropbox link here or, if small enough attach to this post.Please DO NOT include partial logs.

To get logs: In SGPro click the Help->Open Log or if you are looking for logs from a previous session, Help->Open Log Folder and search by date.

Thx for the report. This issue is fixed in SGPro versions greater than